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Lucifers Beard – Cuddle Monster

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Take a quick peak at Lucifers Beard's fresh new rock music visual Cuddle Monster. This is what Lucifers Beard had to say when we asked:

Where did you get your inspiration for this video?

"Inspiration for this video came from the drive and style of music and trying to convey the powerful and vibrant attitudes of the song. Together, musically and visually, we thought that it would help to attract people to watch and engage with the song which is a part of the battle being an unknown artist."

More Details 'If You're Going Through Hell, Keep Going' is the second LP released by Lucifers Beard. Recorded in Manchester in good company during the winter months of 2014.

Driven by Guitars, Saxophones, Trumpets and a thumping rhythm section making for a fusion of musical styles leaving the listener with Big Riffs, belting brass and grooves on a mission!

"The album’s groove – and it does have a groove – is impeccably infectious...It’s confident, it’s well arranged, and so help me it’s in continuous rotation here at Cat on the Wall towers." - Cat On The Wall

"A solid, solid record by Lucifers Beard – pretty cool name, too." -

"...rock with a real swagger to it, more what I'd expect from a band stomping round at the peak of their powers than a relatively new band." - What The Flac

"Time Bomb is an excellent tune, a toe-tapping sustained theme with some brilliantly catchy break-downs."

"'s a cracker of an album, and an impressive mission statement..." - Ram Air

"...the band fuses together multiple groovy and solid sounds driven by strings, percussions, and brass instruments." - FDRMX

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