Melody Joy – Beauty is Pain (feat. Tuki Carter)


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Check out Melody Joy's latest hip hop video Beauty is Pain (feat. Tuki Carter). This is what Melody Joy had to say when asked:

Where did you get your inspiration for this video?

"Vegetables rot,
Flowers die,
Bread molds
and skin wrinkles
Nothing is forever… But the soul.. never ages…ever.
Even i have a hard time accepting
that i will never look a certain way
no matter how much i try…
And i can only suffer so much
until it becomes disgusting & annoying...

This song is really pin pointing how Shallow & Vanity obsessed our culture has become...

Social Media is a huge culprit.

I wanted to make a CREEPY character.
I love horror & B-Grade Slasher films.
The killer in this music video is Rejected by a boy.. and therefore kills him.
Not so cute, i guess."

More Details Rapper, Singer-Songwriter & Bow / Costume Designer from NYC

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