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MOAN – Belief

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Directly above is MOAN's brand new hip hop music video Belief. This is what MOAN had to say when we asked:

Where did you get your inspiration for this video?

"We wanted to do something nobody had ever done before. All hip-hop videos look the same and we wanted it to be identifiable that we are pushing boundaries and being ourselves while not copying everybody else's trend.

Also, the best and cheapest videos are often static ones involving some kind of movement so that's what we did. As soon as we head the treadmill we just had to move from A-B A-B. I always want to rep my home town so we used iconic locations of Northen Sheffield."

More Details
MOAN (Message of a Nation) is a hip-hop group from Sheffield, combining soulful vibes with gritty truth for today's society.
The trio consists of 3 friends who came together during a time of financial and social instability, emcees Lucid Behaviour & Sean Dee and producer Ben Woodward. MOAN inject a sense of reality into their music from both positive and negative sources, writing about topics usually reserved for behind-closed-doors chatter including love, sex, money, jobs, a crippling economy, alcohol & drugs.

The group has also spent time over summer running songwriting and hip-hop workshops at Hybrid 3 Studios in Sheffield for young homeless people in aid of UK homeless prevention charity DEPAUL. Doing these have influenced the music and stories coming on MOAN's forthcoming debut E.P. Finding Home. MOAN want to use their music to help build awareness of sensitive subjects such as homelessness and mental health issues in society.

MOAN's debut single (and the second song they ever wrote together) is "Belief" which is a positive and uplifting single representing the struggle within people's lives as they strive for peace of mind.

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