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New Rules Duo – Zombie (The cranberries cover)

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This is New Rules Duo's stunning new rock music video Zombie (The cranberries cover). Here's what New Rules Duo had to say when we asked:

Where did you get your inspiration for this video?

"Performed by New Rules Duo. Dominik Dybka and Celia Stavri
Music: Recorded, produced, mixed & mastered by Dominik Dybka at Overtone Records
Music video: Directed, filmed, and edited by Tony Brown at Gorilla Street
Location: Amiantos Abandoned Hospital in the Troodos Mountains, Cyprus

We really feel emotionally connected to this cover and wanted a music video that is a moving and impactful tribute to those affected by the conflict and a testament to the power of music to express complex emotions and inspire change.

Throughout the video, Brown's direction and cinematography create a sense of unease and tension, with shots of the hospital's decrepit hallways and abandoned rooms underscoring the theme of decay and destruction. The video's climax features a dramatic performance as we stand amid the wreckage of the hospital."

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