Nia Mack – Mirrors


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This is Nia Mack's brand new hip hop music video Mirrors. This is how Nia Mack responded when we asked:

Where did you get your inspiration for this video?

""Mirrors" is the definition of creativity at it's best. It's almost as though the song wrote itself, because of how fluid and vivid the imagery is represented. "Mirrors" particularly dissects perception, and how it varies. Breaking it down to a science, how I view myself, how you view me, how I view you viewing me, and how at times the eyes can see what they desire.

I wanted the video compliment the audio as a whole. The punchlines are precise, so I wanted the visual to match. Its not like your average rap video, there is class and elegance which leaves the viewer interested, like a good TV show.

"Mirrors" was the influence for an amazing 4k video.

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