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Jay-Z – Dead Presidents/Can I Live (Live At Radio City Hall)

Live throwback performance at Radio City Hall from the man himself Jay-Z. He shuts things down with songs Dead Presidents and Can I Live.

Interview: Melanie Fiona On Drake – “I Saw The Superstar In Him From The Beginning” manages to get some time with Melanie Fiona’s in this old 2010 interview directly above. Would you say that Melanie Fiona comes across as sincere in these kind of discussions?

Daylyt on Resolving His Past Issues with Smack

Take a look at this interview where Daylyt discusses his views on Smack and how he managed to resolve them. What would you have done in his situation?

Rich The Kid: Meek Mill’s More Original Than Anyone Right Now

Have a look at this interview with interview leading performing artist Rich The Kid. During the conversation he goes in with a couple of thougths regarding Meek Mill.

213 Zada – Astral Projecting

Safaree on Missing Nicki Minaj: Everything Is Different

Check out this past interview with rapper Safaree. Whilst being questioned on the relationship, we learn about what he really thinks when questioned on his ex girlfriend and boss MC Nicki Minaj. Although it was a long time ago, how do you feel the split has shaped them both today?

Consequence on Early Days With John Legend and ‘Glory’ Oscar Win

Take a listen and watch this interview with popluar hip hop entertainer Consequence. At one point in the video we find out what his trues views are concerning John Legend and his ‘Glory’ Oscar win. Do you agree?

Rapsody Weighs In on Lil Wayne Joining The Universal Zulu Nation

Check out this interview with discussion leading performing artist Rapsody. At one point in the video we get the low down on what her views are when asked about Lil Wayne and his Universal Zulu Nation affiliation. Do you agree?

Rapsody on Kendrick Lamar’s Style & Bringing New Fans to Reebok

Rapsody speaks on Kendrick Lamar’s style & bringing how to bring new fans Reebok. Maybe she has a point? What are your views on artists endorsements?

Daylyt: I Want to Sleep With the Boy Version of Lady Luck

Battle rap star Daylyt is at it once again! this time the king of controversy tells us he wants to ‘sleep with the boy version of Lady Luck’… Where do you think Daylyt will take things next?

Crooked I: Artists Can’t Have One Foot in Drug Game & One in Rap

Super lyrical Slaughterhouse rapper, Crooked I shares his views on VladTV in this special interview segment. He goes in at DJ Vlad and explains how he feels rappers can’t be bother artist and drug dealers at the same time. What do you think?

Sir Mix-A-Lot: Rick Rubin Helped Take My Career to Next Level

Sir Mix-a-lot aka Mr ‘likes big Butts’ himself gives us the scoop on how he was able to progress through his music career. In the interview above he sits down with DJ Vlad of VladTV explains that even Rick Rubin had a part to play in bringing his status to the next level!

Rapsody on Wanting More Balance Among Modern Day Female Rappers

Check out this interview with Rapsody. At one point in the video we get to find out about what her views really are concerning gender equality in the rap industry

Bizarre Weighs In on Shotgun Suge’s Proof Diss

Have a look at this interview with music oldskool rap entertainer Bizarre. In it we get the low down on he thinks about Shotgun Suge’s Proof Diss. The now deceased Proof and Bizzare where in the same group with rap megastar Eminem! Long live D12!