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Interview: PT 2. Remy Ma talks Motherhood & Favorite New Rappers on Sway in the Morning

Be sure to check out part 2 of this 2014 discussion where rap Goddess Remy Ma has a chat with, talking about motherhood & her favourite new rappers. Do you feel she comes across as sincere in these kind of discussions?

Rap Battle: Cali Smoov vs Profecy | KOTD #BATB1 is back with another freshly seasoned battle, this time starring Cali Smoov & Profecy. Which artist do you think came with the hardest hitting content this time round?

Rap Battle:65 Hunnit vs Corleone – AHAT Rap Battle

Battle rap artists 65 Hunnit and Corleone end up going face to face on Bars? Which battler would you say had the hardest punchlines that day?

Rap Battle: MICKY WORTHLESS VS DEKAY | Don’t Flop Rap Battle

Make sure you check out what happened when MICKY WORTHLESS & DEKAY end up facing off at this at this Don’t Flop event. Which artist do you feel had the best performance?

Live Music: Fekky & Skepta Perform ‘Way Too Much’ Live @ XOYO manages to get caught up with UK rappers Fekky and Skepta in their live performance at London XOYO above. Do you feel they did the ‘Way too much’ track justice?

Alicia Keys Speaks on Global Issues and her We Are Here Campaign manages to catch up with Alicia Keys’s in the 2014 interview above. During the discussion she speaks on a few global issues and her We Are Here campaign. Would you say that Alicia Keys generally comes across as this sincere in most of these radio appearances?

Rap Battle: Aspire vs Daley

Battle rap artists Aspire & Daley end up going face to face on event. Who do you think won the battle?

Interview: Big Sean talks with at Rock The Bells, NYC – 2010

2010 interview where rapper Big Sean has a chat with at Rock the Bells, NYC. Pretty chilled right? Do you think he still comes across as truthful in these kind of interviews?

Rap Battle: Talent vs Diaz

Talent takes on Diaz at this battle rap league event. Who do you think came with the most impactful punches that day?

Live Music: OG Maco & OGG Performs At The 2015 SXSW HHS1987 Showcase

Make sure you take a peak at when rapper OG Maco & OGG Performs at the 2015 SXSW HHS1987 Showcase! Let us know you’re thoughts. How do you think the young rap star’s live performance has changed over time? Has he finally calmed down now?

Interview: Tory Lanez Talks Creating “Cruel Intentions” With The WeDidIt Collective

Tory Lanez discusses creating “Cruel Intentions” with The WeDidIt Collective. How creative do you find his music in particular? Would you say that Tory Lanez generally comes across as sincere in most of the tracks you’ve heard?

Rap Battle: Tricky P vs Step Easy

Battle rap performers Tricky P and Step Easy end up going face to face on event. Who do you think came with the hardest hitting bars that day?

Akala Educated Tug S**t ft. English Frank – [Music Video]

Make sure you have a look at Akala’s music video Educated Tug S**t feat. English Frank and let us know what you think. Do you feel Akala’s is still progressive when comparing other rappers in the same lane?

Rap Battle: SMP vs Mookie Wilson

Mookie Wilson squares up against SMP at their classic event. Who would you say had the hardest hitting rounds?

Interview: Fatboy Slim talks about remixing

Have a look at this old 2007 interview with in which Fatboy Slim shares some thougths with NME Music . Do you feel Fatboy Slim comes across as interesting in these kind of interviews?

Rap Battle: Doms vs MC Yayo

Mc Yayo and Doms go back to back in this lyrical scrap on AHAT Rap Battles. Which artist would you say took the win based in their performance that day?

Rap Battle: YOUNG MACE vs SETA

DontFlop returns once again with another heavy hitting battle. Make sure you watch what happened when YOUNG MACE & SETA went head to head and let us know what you think. Who do you think came with the most insightful content that day?

Scorcher – Tommy Offender [Music Video]

Directly above is Scorcher’s video single Tommy Offender on SB.TV. Do you feel that Scorcher is still pushing boundaries when comparing other rappers working with a similar sound?