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Peaky – Belly Of The Sphinx

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The visual piece found above is Peaky's stunning new hip hop music video Belly Of The Sphinx. This is how Peaky responded when AVR asked:

Was there a particular message you were trying to convey in this video? Why?

"In ancient Egypt, the pyramids symbolise the kings' route to power, and the Sphinx guards them. If you fail to answer the Sphinx's riddle correctly, it eats you; hence, no power. I applied this metaphor to the way I feel about London, and actually, the western world. People are too obsessed with material wealth and short term gain, not realising the key to true power is in longevity, which, in any field, can be obtained through studying, preparation and planned, decisive execution.
Some people walk the path to destruction by failing to put in the real work, and turning to shortcuts like bank scams and selling drugs. Those that do this are simply putting limitations and constraints on themselves by allowing themselves to get trapped in the "revolving door" prison system."

More Details Single coming April 1st.

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