PsynLangwage – Francais Langwage


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Directly above is PsynLangwage's fresh new hip hop video Francais Langwage. Here's what PsynLangwage had to say when asked:

How much preparation went into making this video and why?

"There was a lot of preparation. My brothers first of all had to know french so that took a few months to make sure that the lyrics were hardcore but tasteful to the french community in Quebec. We filmed in unorthodox locations and we had to be courageous and confident. People were always looking at us while we filmed. We did this so that we are perceived as being at the forefront for progression in hiphop in Quebec. We did this to make people smile, have fun and take notice of the potential in our city. We have the skill and the character all we need now if your push. Psyn Up!"

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