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Directly above is Reshan Fernando's most recent electronic music video Gloomy Boy . This is what Reshan Fernando had to say when we asked:

How did you come up with the idea for this video?

"I made this story to spread the word to the world saying that, "Stop violence & save the childhood".

Because this story about a little boy and his sister living in a very hard situation of their parents fighting around them all the time.
So this boy couldn't do any of his works, school works or anything because of this noisy disturbing situation. Couldn't even sleep because he's frightened. So he starts to smash & throwing all the things around him to show his anger.

I think I found a great music composer with his track, he likes to introduce himself as FloidBets.
First, I found his track called SERENDIPITY and I made this story to it. Also, I like this type of music "orchestral Dubstep" It's a new type of music which getting famous in Europe so quickly.

More Details
iPhone Music Video

Director: Reshan Fernando
Talent: Elie, Maud, Eléonore
Music: FloidBeats
Track: Orchestral Dubstep Serendipity
Shot on: iPhone 5s

Silent Entertainment Production

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