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Reshan Fernando – Got U & Peace

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Have a quick look at Reshan Fernando's most recent electronic music video Got U & Peace. Here's how Reshan Fernando responded when we asked:

Was there a particular message you were trying to convey in this video? Why?

"Yes, I want to spread the message through kids to the world, saying - "World Peace, We Need Some"

Because now day kids seeing lot of war crimes going on around the world. Lot of kids dying because of war, some of them living very frighten everyday in their life. So this is why I made this music video to say that, war can start from anywhere and by any simple thing. Lets try to stop it by understanding.

We need a better future for our kids. Kids shouldn't grown up by with war/criminal mind. They should grown up by peace and loving mind. Then this will be a better place. "

More Details
Directed by: Reshan Fernando
Music: Freeplay Music
Track: Breezy Street
VFX: Greshan R. Kularathna
Synopsis: War can start from any where, one brother and sister from a family stating to play in the park. They began to do a shooting game. In the end it converts to a real fight, because to share a circle that drown on the flour by her own brother. Sister asking a half of the circle but brother doesn't like to share. Then they began to fight and in the end sister do little trick to get her brother to win the game. "World Peace, We Need Some"

Another fiction by Dir. Reshan Fernando
World + Peace = Happy
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