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Sarantos – Easy To Believe

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Check out Sarantos's latest rock video Easy To Believe. You can find further details of Sarantos's music and video below:

"Sarantos Releases A New Music Video in Clay Animation Style For The New Pop Summer Love Song "Easy To Believe"

Sarantos has tried a wide variety of music videos but the story always seems to be at the heart of them. Sarantos is all about the lyrics so this is no longer a surprise to fans. Adding a visual element has always been important to Sarantos and this is why a new music video is released every single month, unlike other artists who only release one or two with each CD (which is released every 3 years on average). Fans want more!

This new music video is in a clay animation style and there are subtle innuendos throughout the video that give fans a clue into the true nature and life of Sarantos. Real life is often very different than the things we see on a screen in a movie, TV show, cell phone or iPad. Sometimes there is loneliness. Sometimes there is a struggle within to be a better person, friend, spouse or parent. Every day brings new challenges. There is love, hope, frustration, the list is never-ending. What we must never forget is that we each write our own story!

Of course with the new Superman vs Batman movie coming out next year and the trailer being released this week at Comic-Con, there is a humorous moment in this video when Sarantos new band is revealed to the world - is that really Batman?? Sarantos continues a unique journey to the amazement of critics everywhere who urge him to give up or stop (kidding of course).

Sarantos tell fans in this video it is ok to be infatuated, to fall in love or even to get your heart broken. Our lives are our own. Love is everywhere all around us. Love is the glue that bonds the world and pushes it forward.

"This music video is a first for me," says Sarantos. "Because I release a new music video every single month and because the story is the key, I am always looking to try new things. Of course, given that I am an indie artist, I have budget constraints that are very real. Nevertheless, I want to give my fans something to watch and enjoy for a few minutes each month. I want them to look forward to the quote, the type of video, wonder whether I will be in this one or not, and obviously to think about the story and all the various ways it can be interpreted. Hopefully they enjoy this video with its love story and appreciate the few subtle humorous references.""

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