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Sarantos – Sing

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Check out Sarantos's latest electronic video Sing. You can find further details of Sarantos's music and video below:

Where did you get your inspiration for this video?

"Sarantos is on quite a unique journey. There are many around the world that are trapped in the reality of their lives. They are not happy. Maybe they always wanted to be a rock star, a movie star, an elite athlete or run their own business. Everyone has a dream. If one is human, one dreams.

Sarantos has a simple goal with the release of this new music video. Sarantos wants fans worldwide to watch and understand that there is a sense of happiness and realism to the video. There is no secret hidden behind his brown eyes. The eyes are the window to the soul. There is an emphatic genuineness that is easy to spot when viewing this music video. Sarantos is happy when singing. Whether someone likes the singing style or not is of no consequence to Sarantos as the bearing of his soul is a vulnerable thing. But Sarantos sings anyway.

Sarantos simply wants to infuse hope to anyone who feels trapped in life. It is common to have a dream. It is never too late though! Let secret feelings be revealed and not continue to fester inside beneath the barrier of your skin. Furthermore, human nature includes a natural desire to express oneself musically and singing is a big part of that. Sarantos screams out loud in front of the entire world - it's ok to sing!

"This song is all about the basic human desire to sing" says Sarantos. "My motto is if you can speak, you can sing! So to anyone out there that's too embarrassed to sing at karaoke night or in their car driving to work or in they privacy of their own shower, I have only this to tell you - what is wrong with you?? Don't you dare ever let anyone tell you not to sing. You can sing if you want to and no one can stop you!"

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