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Check out SHASHIKA MOORUTH's brand new world music video TAMANNA. This is what SHASHIKA MOORUTH had to say when we asked:

Where did you get your inspiration for this video?

"I imagined the feeling and mood of a young woman who has faced this separation in love."

More Details Tamanna means desire - a girl who tends to be crazy and fun loving, people love to have her around, moody and sensitive at times but she is intelligent, attractive and alluring. In this song, Tamanna is longing for her lover, she is aware he is around and hopes he will come back to her. Lyrics with translation: YE TAMANNA HAI, SANG TERE JEENA MARNA HAI my desire to live and die with you MERA PYAAR PUKARE TUJHE BAAHON MEIN LELE MUJHE my love calls for you, please take me in your arms AA IN BAHARON MEIN, IN SUHANI FIZAAON MEIN come in this spring, in this pleasant atmosphere MERA PYAAR PUKAARE TUJHE, AA BHI JA DILBAR MERE my love calls for you, please come my love KAISI YEH FAASLE YEH DOORIYAN why this distance? KAISI HAI PYAAR KI MAJBOORIYAN why is there a problem in our love? MAI HUN TERI HO TERE VAASTE I am yours, for you only PHIR BHI KYUN HAI TANHA MERE RAASTE but still why this loneliness on my path MUJHKO HAI YAKEEN TU HAI YAHI KAHIN I am sure you are here somewhere SAAMNE AA E MERE HUMNASHEEN please come my love I DREAM OF YOU, EVERY NIGHT I PRAY YOU COME BACK TO ME I LOVE YOU SO, BABY HELP ME THROUGH THIS NIGHT, I’M CRYING FOR YOU MUJHKO HAI YAKEEN, TU HAI YAHI KAHIN, I am sure you are here somewhere SAAMNE AA E MERE HUM NASHI please come my love


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