Shell Shock Lullaby – Shades Of Grey


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Directly above is Shell Shock Lullaby's latest rock music visual Shades Of Grey. This is what they had to say when we asked:

Where did you get your inspiration for this video?

"Shell Shock Lullaby's New Video (Shades of Grey) was made to help describe the plight of current sociological approaches to life and the destruction that duality causes in our everyday lives. People tend to see life as a construct of black and white, this way or that, wrong or right while completely ignoring the entire spectrum of possibility in between those 2 extremes. The song relates to the emotions that all people feel in between the polar ends of life's emotional spectrum and help to provide solace in the realization that we should embrace everything we feel no matter how "good, bad or indifferent" it may seem to others. The realization that all is one and all is related is a concept that many ignore but it is the basis of our existence.

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