SHOCKLORE – It’s Your Trip


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Have a look at SHOCKLORE's most recent rock music video It’s Your Trip. This is what SHOCKLORE had to say when we asked:

Who was responsible for the visuals and how well did they bring your track ideas to life?

"Tania Carrasco, Yatuso, and Atetisis Fiilms. We are very happy with what they did and the really captured the mood and theme of the tune"

More Details Bio: SHOCKLORE began as a group of friends playing in various bands both together and seperately during the height of the 1980's Punk Rock, Thrash and Speed Metal scenes in the South Bay, Southern California. When we formed our goal was to put together a compilation of hardcore music encompassing all of our best combined influences from that great era. The result was 21 Hardcore, Driving, Face melting, and Provocative tunes that are as relevant today as the day we wrote them. Our long term goal is to again combine those same influences along with our many years of experiences and friendship to create VOL 2.

Our influences: S.O.D., Slayer, Rudimentary Peni, D.R.I., Corrosion Of Conformity, Bad Religion, Metallica, Circle Jerks, RKL, Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, and so many more.

The band is:
Hi Eric Wood - Guitar, Bass
James Fuentes - Guitar, Vocals
Mark Luther - Drums, Vocals, Lyricist
James Harned - Lead Vocals

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