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Summer Payton – Spotlight

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Directly above is Summer Payton's hot Rnb music video Spotlight. Here's what Summer Payton had to say when asked:

Where did you get your inspiration for this video?

"Back with another stunning visual, R&B wonder Summer Payton has returned with the cinematic video for ‘Spotlight’. Bringing to life a relatable narrative, Summer delivers a stunning performance that is guaranteed to keep your eyes fixed on the screen from start to finish. The single’s earworm chorus delivers a distinct classic R&B/Soul feel, whilst staying fresh, current and original. Levelling up with each of her releases, Summer’s creativity knows no bounds, and ‘Spotlight’ sees her thrive in what she does best - captivating her audience with her inspiring talent.
Speaking on the track, Summer explained: “‘Spotlight’ is track 5 from my debut album, ‘Golden Hour’. The process of writing this song was one of my favorites to date. My friend Ray and I, who goes by the name Canvos, were at a songwriting camp he put on in Big Bear with a group of 10 of our friends. We all took turns grouping up to work on songs, but the first day, he and I
knew we wanted to lock in together. He was playing me tracks and when that one came on, I instantly knew it was some heat. I was drawn to it immediately. I said, “I want that one!” We poured some Hennessy and ginger ale and got to work writing the song. We wanted to explore that concept of being interrogated, being the person possibly in the wrong in a relationship and what that feels like. And what it feels like is that there’s an inescapable spotlight on you, sitting in the hot seat. It flowed so naturally and effortlessly and we just had fun! Probably the most fun
I’ve ever had writing and recording a song. So when it was time to put my album together, I knew Spotlight had to make the tracklist.
She further notes, “It was also important to me to shoot a video for this song, because I had dreamt up the video concept in my head already and I knew a visual would really bring the story to life. In the video, I’m experiencing being held hostage and interrogated by my partner from three different vantage points, or versions of myself. Each one has a different attitude and reacts differently to being in the Spotlight. I wanted the video to feel like a movie, and I call it a mini movie, because of the story it tells, and the fact that the video leaves off on a cliffhanger. The story will continue in another video to be released in the future.”
Summer Payton is an R&B singer, songwriter, musician and music producer from Chicago, Illinois and graduate of New York University Tisch School of the Arts, Clive Davis Institute of
Recorded Music. Later at the 1500 Sound Academy, Summer enhanced her engineering and music production skills under the mentorship of Grammy award winning producer, Rance Dopson of the legendary band, 1500 or Nothin’. Most recently, Summer released her debut album, ‘Golden Hour’ on her golden birthday, December 25th, 2020, which features a stunning array of songs straight from Summer’s heart and soul and continues to be her proudest accomplishment to date."

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