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Tora Woloshin – Eclipse

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Take a quick peak at Tora Woloshin's fresh new soul video Eclipse. Here's how Tora Woloshin responded when we asked:

How did you come up with the idea for this video?

"Singer, Tora Woloshin is a genre-bending songwriter who creates a combination of r&b, soul and pop/rock.
Eclipse is a pure, stripped version of this sound with an intimate setting of piano and vocal. The video is a smooth and calm expression of this emotion.
The song 'Eclipse' is a song about being in the moment and not worrying about the past or future. The only thing to think about the past for, is learning from it. The only reason to think about the future is to build towards it. This song tells a story about love and fear. Scared of the future because of what happened in the past; then really being able to let go of all that when you meet the right person to let go with."

More Details
My Story: I was born in LA and raised by my mother in Arizona as her only child and met my father when I was 7. My father and I always had a back and forth complicated relationship and my mother is my best friend who has done everything and anything to support me. I grew up doing 4-H and being around animals and horses. I had a few traumatic experiences growing up. At 13, I experienced the death of a loved one for the first time and took it pretty hard. She was a dear friend of mine whom I had spent most of my childhood in a dance program with. Soon after that, when I was 14, I was raped by my first real boyfriend. At 15 I put together my first band. We played alternative rock music and toured. I then got my GED and auditioned for American Idol. Around that same age, I got my first jobs; one at a music store and the other as a cook in a cafe. I began dating a guy who played guitar and I started another alt. rock band and toured again. After he became abusive and broke my wrist, I moved on. I signed my first record deal at 18 and moved back to LA. After getting screwed over by the manager, I signed with a different company and they attempted to steal my music. So, I went back to AZ and back to school full time and got a job as an animal trainer. During this time it became quite a habit to do singing competitions. After winning multiple local competitions, I was invited to audition in front of Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, L.A. Reid and Nicole Scherzinger on the t.v. show, X Factor; and being mentored by Simon Cowell, I made it very far in the competition.

After X Factor I wrote and produced an album and a sold out album release show; then was immediately contacted by several labels wanting to sign. I chose to sign a one year contract with an indie label in Miami and moved there for a year. I worked with The Fliptones and did a song with Jim Jones produced by Timbaland. During that year, my music hit top 40 radio stations and spun across the nation. I did shows opening for Flo Rida, Pink and Method man After that contract ended, I moved back to AZ and became a chef and student full time for a couple of semesters and was offered an international tour by a booking agent. I found dancers and choreographed 4, 10 minute shows, made costumes, taught the dancers and we flew out to China for 3 months. After the tour, I went to LA again with acting opportunities and did some work in t.v. film and commercials. After a big modeling gig, I found out that my dad had a heart attack and had to have surgery so I moved in with him in Alameda, CA to care for him. He married a crazy lady who became abusive towards me so I left back to LA to work on more music and acting. I worked with an engineer on this project for about 5 months before he decided that he wasn't going to work with me anymore because I wouldn't sleep with him. When he sent me the hard drive that was supposed to have all the music I wrote on it, it was empty. I then made my way back to AZ. My dad left the lady and I moved back with him to help out. I started going to the San Francisco Art institute for painting and performing and they shut all the way down when covid hit. I am now attending the University of Arizona online and going back and forth to LA doina a lot of acting and stand-in work. I have several music projects releasing soon and am re-branding for the New Year!

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