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This is UNQUIET NIGHTS's latest accoustic music visual GEORGE BEST CITY. This is what UNQUIET NIGHTS had to say when we asked:

Where did you get your inspiration for this video?

"Once I left Northern Ireland to pursue a music career, I found myself constantly flying in & out of George Best City airport in Belfast. The song and video reflect the mixed emotions associated to coming from a small island and the limitations that imposes, along with the violent civil war the city has been enduring and still remaining to be a developing first world city. The trials the city has had to absorb being similar to the personal ones I had to growing up there, and the resilience that fosters in the process."

More Details The song is currently running over 40 times this month as the closing credits to the SKY ITALIA documentary on the life of George Best called "Federico Buffa Racconta George Best".


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