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Hip Hop artist & poet Ed Greens thoughts on music, activism, education and the “Apocolympics”

 “Music can never replace resistance or activism, I think seeing music as resistance is a very western idea.” – Ed Greens speaks to A/V Revolution   Artist Name: Ed Greens Country: England Artist Type:Rapper City/State: London Genre: Poetry, Hip Hop, Spoken Word Age: 21 Alias: Greenz Description: Ed Greens is a poet and activist who… Read more »

UK underground music just reached boiling point! – Boiler Room Media

Things in the UK underground music scene are starting to heat up.  Boiler Room Media meets A/V Revolution with some seriously hot visuals! Company Name: BoilerRoomMedia Country: England Content: Underground Music, Music Artists City/State: London Focus: Hiphop, Grime, BeatBox, Accoustic, Trip Hop Start Date: 15/6/2009 Content: Underground Music, Music Artists Founder: Isaac Whittingham and Syd… Read more »

Hip-Hop has Evolved! Exclusive interview with ‘a.k.a’ producer and rap artist of the future.

Producer and hip hop artist ‘a.k.a’ “Hip-Hop Evolved” is already several mixtapes into his career… Welcome to A/V Revolution! Artist Name: a.K.a. Country: U.K. Artist Type: Producer/Rapper City/State: Anonymous Genre: Hip-Hop, Electro, R&B, Alternative Age: 22 Alias: a.K.a. Description: Hip-Hop evolved. Find a.k.a’s music

Who are the real UK Hip Hop Elite when it comes to freestyles and cyphers?

NLT Production and The Elite Leagues freestyle take over is here! Live hip hop Challenges for Elite Lyricists! Company Name: NLT Country: UK Content: Hip Hop, Freestyle, Challenges, Battles, Live Performance, Cyphers City/State: London Focus: Underground, Artist Development, Lyricism, Live Performance, Challenges Start Date: 27/08/2011 Founder: – CameraMan: – Caption: – Team Size:- Description: NLT… Read more »

Your Number’s Up – Consensus

Consensus ft. Magic – Your Number’s Up Consensus feat. Magic (Instrumental prod. by Snowgoons). A tune made counting down to the end. How likely is global collapse, apocalypse, and the end of life as we know it? Perhaps not