Def, Dumb & Rhymed – C.O.T.I.

Def, Dumb & Rhymed  - C.O.T.I.,  Album Cover Art
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Album release by Def, Dumb & Rhymed entitled C.O.T.I..

"This most recent C.O.T.I. album, the first official release to feature Dr Koul & Evita Koné as fixed members of the group, is dedicated to the memory of Alex Lezzi & pmNiko.

Released November 12, 2015

Vocals: Imagine, Dr Koul & Evita Koné
Scratches & playlist: Dj Tiny Tim
Production & composition: SeZ'
Trumpet (4 + 9): Zacharie Ksyk

world Wide connects, Le Kraken, Partisans du Hip Hop, La Makhno, Le Zoo... FIGHT FOR L'USINE

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