Justwoz & 3rd Revolution – Electric Squalor

Justwoz & 3rd Revolution - Electric Squalor,  Album Cover Art
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Album release by Justwoz & 3rd Revolution entitled Electric Squalor.

"On September 2nd 2022 I held my first headlining event and release party for ELECTRIC SQUALOR. My best friend Finian and I had been working on this album since 2020 when I took a trip to visit him in Chicago.
The album was mostly recorded throughout 2021. But it really started to become real for us in summer 22'. The synthesis of the cover art was an entire process in itself and Noelani Tomicick brought it to life.
The concept ELECTRIC SQUALOR represents battling the inner squalor that our overly stimulated lives can leave us in at times. The samples on this album are also from the early 70's which was a time of heavy improvisation when it came to artists like Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock. That time period definitely inspired how we approached this project. "Now I feel more like Davis in 69' experimentation hitting me where it counts lets see the timeline" (lyrics from The Aleph)
- Justwoz

ELECTRIC SQUALOR is constructed as an homage to and montage of the revolutionary jazz
fusion, psychedelic funk, avant-garde, "ELECTRIC SQUALOR" music of circa 1970. Jack originally said the phrase while improvising raps as I was making the beat to what would become the title track, and I felt immediately that it vividly evoked the music of artists like
Funkadelic, Jim Hendrix, and electric-period Miles Davis that I've been obsessed with for years, and that sounds fresh and futuristic to this day 50 years later. This was the jumping off point of
the project. The beats on this album individually and collectively are meant to be an auditory montage of my
favorite music from this revolutionary wave of ELECTRIC SQUALOR music, in a hip-hop form where the listener also meets the implicit influences in my beat style and our album construction that can be heard on 36 Chambers, Midnight Marauders, Blowout Comb, and Madvillainy.
- 3rd Revolution"

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