Lamonte Bombay – hey monty :)

Lamonte Bombay  - hey monty :),  Album Cover Art
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Album release by Lamonte Bombay entitled hey monty :).

"Lamonte Bombay is one of many. Artist, producer, curator, the list goes on. His latest release “hey monty :)” is a 21 song compilation of music recorded after releasing his debut album “self-titled” in 2021. With additional production from Xosloth, Andrew Beatz and Idler21, Lamonte provides more waves for spring break and summertime fun as the weather gets warmer.

From start to finish, Hey Monty :) shows the progression and maturation of the Oxon Hill freestyler. The intro “Higher” starts with humility while “Pump Fake” closes the project with light humor. As a whole, Lamonte showcases nothing but awareness in his journey to be the best “him” that he can be.

Bio: When it comes to vibe and energy, says Lamonte “has both of those in abundance”. Born Steven Lamont Stembridge Jr in North Carolina on November 8th 1993, Lamonte Bombay is a rapper/producer who engineers his own music. With influences that range from the golden age (Jay-Z, Big L, Nas), as well as the leaders of the new school (Kendrick Lamar, ASAP Rocky, Meek Mill) with a splash of new wave (Playboi Carti, UnoTheActivist, Famous Dex), Lamonte’s infectious deliveries and ear for colorful production makes him a standout act. If this wasn’t enough to catch your attention, he freestyles the majority (if not all) of his material.

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