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Prometheus The Titan – Pink Cocaine

Prometheus The Titan - Pink Cocaine,  EP Cover Art
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EP release by Prometheus The Titan entitled Pink Cocaine.

"Pink Cocaine is the first experimental RnB EP I slow released over course of 2 months. It is different from my regular flashier and more agressive style that usually mixes Travis Scott and Tory Lanez influences. The heart of the sound is centered around women being addictive and how as a man I can appreciate everything about a woman but know that she may be bad for me. Pink Cocaine is a metaphor for 'Pussy', which in turn is a metaphor for a woman's love, a supposedly highly addicting drug. The project is meant to sound love night time city love for the most parts with addition of some bangers for diversity, and an outro that was a memo I wrote for someone that made sense with the situation at the time. When listened to in order, I start the EP in admiration for a girl who I really want and do have in my life at the time, before it turns into a more conflicted love that ends with my last track (Outro Memo) as my last letter to her."

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