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Ray Vendetta -​Daddylongluv & Dr​.​Wahgo in LUV CRIMES

Ray Vendetta - ​Daddylongluv & Dr​.​Wahgo in LUV CRIMES,  mixtape Cover Art
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mixtape release by Ray Vendetta entitled ​Daddylongluv & Dr​.​Wahgo in LUV CRIMES.

"Daddylongluv returns with Dr.Wahgo to give the masses the sequel to "who is Daddylongluv".Recorded during interupted Ray Vendetta album sessions between late 2012 to early 2014,Luv crimes is a journey into the fantabulous world of Longluv.Tales,experiences and memoirs centred around the fairer sex.the mac of all macs returns in fine form.enjoy
released 31 December 2014

All tracks produced by Dr.Wahgo except where noted otherwise....all tracks recorded and mixed at MKD studio by 7th Dan as Frank.F.Urter except 9 & 17 recorded at the killzone by K.Zorro as Jack O'Hartz and 4 recorded at workr8 studios by Sean.D.mastered by Sean D as The D.....artwork by Ray Vendetta..cover work by RingovSaturn "

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