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Special Delivery – Does it really need to rhyme and what exactly is a meter?

Rhymers, rhyme and meter - Poetry, Rap and Hip Hop

Two weeks ago I threw out an idea of what constituted good poetry. Is it necessary to employ certain rhyme patterns, meter, or syllable patterns? No, not at all. One can easily write a poem in a free verse format and still create the necessary imagery to make an impact, though even free verse will… Read more »

Poetry as Revolution – ‘What exactly is Poetry?’

Earth Speakers and Global Revolution through poetry

Poetry as Revolution Please note that all opinions expressed herein are solely that of the author. We’ve all heard the dreaded question in high school English classes, college classes, writing seminars, book clubs. The list goes on. What exactly is poetry? For some, the answer is quite resolute. Poetry should adhere to strict literary standards,… Read more »

Who are the real UK Hip Hop Elite when it comes to freestyles and cyphers?

NLT production on A/V Revolution

NLT Production and The Elite Leagues freestyle take over is here! Live hip hop Challenges for Elite Lyricists! Company Name: NLT Country: UK Content: Hip Hop, Freestyle, Challenges, Battles, Live Performance, Cyphers City/State: London Focus: Underground, Artist Development, Lyricism, Live Performance, Challenges Start Date: 27/08/2011 Founder: – CameraMan: – Caption: – Team Size:- Description: NLT… Read more »