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Trapped – Consensus ft. Max Parker (prod. by Cypriot Vibez)

Song Writen by Consensus, Video Edited by Consensus

Special Thanks to:
Cypriot Vibez: Producer
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Max Parker: Singer
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Sub Chorus (×2)
I will never stay trapped

I will never stay, never stayed trapped in this, I’m not having this

Chorus (×2)

They say I’m trapped in a system,

I’m not trapped ‘cos of that, I stay trapped if I stand as a victim

They say I’m trapped in a system

Open your hands for the wisdom, plan with ambition


Capitalist free to profit not hardly

Inflation an taxes will bleed your wallet it got nasty, but who’s to blame when you trapped in an economic oligarchy

I’ve seen the top they’re not an army

They’re beneath the bonnet but your car keys

You lack feeding pockets, you lot can’t see assets, you dream to want the origami


But paper is dead, just digital debt get balances higher

Implying we’re trapped but plan to aspire

Realising that your hands in the pier, fire

By up some physical silver and research Andrew Maguire, Andrew Maguire!

Enquire, ‘cos if it crash lands you’ll fly up higher, ‘cos when it crash lands its dyer


People that are trapped where its dark and hectic

There work rates been increasing mad, so their sleeping pattern has been getting narcoleptic,

Deep and knackered eventually heart defective

They’re treated like sheep and cattle, I’ve heard freedom battle is forever they can’t reject it!

Except they still fiend for glamour, but they never passed the guest list


So they’re thinking system trapped

But giving up’s the most twisted decision, fact

I’ll confront what my wisdom lacks, for me to have no ambition is sicker than man slipping on crack

Unlucky to step it sucks your progression, what type of living is that?

I’m so tired I think like the Michelin man I drift but never skidding off track

And I’m before art, you won’t find a guy with ideas more smart,

thoughts comprised of mind before heart and my soul’s the producer, I’m the future

You’re stuck in the time before past, and most in society don’t mind as long as they’re not the guy who comes last

Aspire for more, because life is short but a survivable task


I still say it for every guy that walks past that the faith in my veins is life support

From the day that I got in a hype from war bars to the day that I crashed my bicycle

To the day that I got on the mic with more heart,

To explain what you’ve gotten in life is your task,

Can’t reign on my life that’s not the forecast

I’m a hurricane hybrid lightning storm.


Born trapped in a circus of dread, but I’m back with the purpose of 10.

I won’t slack to permanent worthless effect and I don’t keep serpents as friends.

the earth’s surface extends the globe I’m not alone your plane didn’t work.

So go back to the hell you from because I swear to god I fear no man standing on earth

Chorus (×2)
Sub Chorus (×2)

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