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8MonthMalfunction – Submission

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Check out 8MonthMalfunction's deeply moving folk music visual Submission. Here's what 8MonthMalfunction had to say when asked:

Where did you get your inspiration for this video?

"The inspiration from this video came from our love of a good conspiracy theory as well as an acute interest in Psychology, especially the Milgram Experiment. The song itself asks the question "How far would you go?" in the sense of trying to please your superiors, or the powers that be. To pull off a large scale conspiracy theory, it would mean the involvement of a lot of people, all who would have to be trusted implicitly. Is that something that governments can actual achieve using the media to influence people?

With the Milgram experiment, it was also seeing how far people would go in causing pain to an unseen subject via electric shock, and the results were in shocking (pardon the pun) with some being close to actually going all the way to killing someone, just because they were told to…

So for the music video, we invented our own conspiracy theory, that the band has been kidnapped by an unknown assailant, and were being forced to play music for their captors. At the end of the video, we gave the viewers the option of saving the band, or torturing the band, to see just how cruel an audience can be!"

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