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Have a look at Bucketseat's most recent rock music video Miss Asteroid. Here's what Bucketseat had to say when we asked:

Where did you get your inspiration for this video?

"Two main ideas led to the inspired creation of this video;
First, it was integral that I use public domain footage, thus allowing me to submit to you and have ownership of the rights.

With that in mind, (knowing that public domain footage had to be used,) how was I going to tell the narrative of 'Miss Asteroid?' Who is she? What has Miss Asteroid done, what's her story?
Women like Miss Asteroid went into the factories whilst men went to war, women like Miss Asteroid composed a significant wave of feminism, women like Miss Asteroid played a large part in the allies winning the war, women like Miss Asteroid made the armaments and bombs and planes in the factories. Miss Asteroid is the revolution, and this video is her story that told itself through the available public domain footage.

The song itself was written about 15 years before the making of the video and, in truth, is probably about some star crossed love affair one of the band members had. But nevermind that, what's important is the revolution, Miss Asteroid, and the fact that it is a banger!!! "

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