Cesar Green – Peace sign (prod by beatboxerz)


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Check out Cesar Green's brand new hip hop video Peace sign (prod by beatboxerz). This is what he had to say when we asked:

Where did you get your inspiration for this video?

"occupy wall st"

More Details Cesar Green - A Brooklyn born and raised rapper with versatile and enigmatic styles. He is forthcoming about his life experiences which have greatly influenced his lyrics and flow. Fighting through the adversity of being sexually abused at a young age and bullied as a child has given this rapper a firm stance on abuse and bullying further cultivating his ever evolving rapping style. Born August 15,1989
His leonine nature shows full force in his strong lyrics and beats. His most recent mixtape "20/20 Third Eye Vision" is filled with spiritually motivated masterpieces influenced by a spiritual awakening occurring September 2013.
Cesar Greens' strong character and unique rapping style is unmistakable.

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