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Flaviyake – Because I’m a Doll

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Have a look at Flaviyake's latest Dnb music visual Because I'm a Doll. Here's how Flaviyake responded when we asked:

How did you come up with the idea for this video?

"'Because I'm a Doll' is a Pop Drum'n'Bass song about human dolls - a cultural world trend when girls turn themselves into living dolls with make-up and women undergo plastic surgery to achieve perfect shapes. Instead of using the obvious image of a Barbie doll, I explored my own interpretations of 3 different dolls inspired by Japanese anime figures.
The video tells a story about a doll falling asleep and dreaming about becoming alive. In the final scene, a guy turns up the doll’s dress and finds there a real plastic doll’s bottom. I recall myself getting new dolls in childhood and checking if they were shaped underneath the same as humans. I wanted to visualise this intimate thing done by many children as a reminder that the discovery of sex often comes to children with their first dolls.
The 2-dimentional concept of the video comes from my thought "I am so skinny I live in a two dimenutional world…" the video starts with. I made 10 flat plastic characters to make this idea real - robots, animals, Japanese dolls wearing kimonos and traditional Russian matryoshka."

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