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Imelda Gabs – Fallen Angel

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Have a look at Imelda Gabs's fresh new mainstream music video Fallen Angel. Here's how Imelda Gabs responded when we asked:

Where did you get your inspiration for this video?

"Fallen Angel is my first official self-produced solo release!

The song is definitely Pop influenced, but I really wanted to add some experimental elements with the layers of instruments and vocals to create a unique sound. I usually like to mix Pop with other genres to create something special relating to the song.

The themes that I chose to sing about in this single are mostly doubt, pain, and love, 3 themes that often come together. But in this particular song and particularly in the music video, I chose to tell the story of someone who's been hurt, but grows stronger from his/her past.

The music video was directed by young and talented Dariy Mambetov @riydas"

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