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I’Wante – Adult Child Support

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Take a look at I'Wante 's most recent hip hop music video Adult Child Support . This is what I'Wante had to say when asked:

Where did you get your inspiration for this video?

"I wrote this song because I am a young black man who grew up without a father.
So many men of color without fathers who weren't there to help raise their children. I grew up without a father and he didn't help pay for anything in my childhood so I wanted this song reflect my pain and frustration towards the man who neglected me as a child."

More Details I’Wante, the self-proclaimed Diamond of Comedy, is a comic rapper from Brooklyn, NYC and influenced by Chris Rock, Nicki Minaj, Weird Al Yankovic, Queen, and Lauryn Hill. I’Wante is known for his unique mocking of urban lifestyle and popular culture, mixing both musical comedy and hip hop while at the same time slipping in deeper meaning. “My music is about stories,”he says. His comedy album Fifty Shades of Gay was released in Dec. 2012, addressing political and social issues (such as the legalization of marijuana in the U.S.), as well as his myriad of off-beat love relationships.

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