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Jamie Alimorad – Beautiful

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Directly above is Jamie Alimorad's brand new rock music video Beautiful. This is what Jamie Alimorad had to say when we asked:

How did you come up with the idea for this video?

""Beautiful" is my most personal song on Words Left Unsaid. It was released as a single and did very well on independent and internet radio. Messages started to come in saying how much people loved the song and what it meant to them. It was amazing to me how different those meaning were.

I wrote "Beautiful" from a romantic perspective, but a lot of people were saying it helped them heel a wounded friendship or boosted their confidence. Never had a song I released had so many different meanings to so many. For the video I knew I couldn't do something that was just romantic, it had to touch on every feeling. Walking the tightrope of romantic and platonic for actress Riane Hoffman and I proved to be a challenge to film at times because it was easy to go in one direction or the other, but not straddle both at the same time. In the end as we started to go over the footage we saw that we had done it successfully and we love what came out of that day we strolled through Brooklyn and lower Manhattan.

So every message, every tweet and every email you all sent me about what "Beautiful" means to you is what inspired me to come up with this concept and the video we have today."

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