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This is JUNKSISTA's brand new electronic music video Live A Little. This is how JUNKSISTA responded when AVR asked:

How did you come up with the idea for this video?

"We were offered to shoot our video in this incredible location. Its a giant venue where they used to repair trains and it has a very special charme..kind of magical!

As we didn't really have a budget for this video, we were looking for ideas that wouldn't cost anything. Luckily the local Football team was thrilled, when we asked if they'd like to be in our video. The beautiful dancer is a friend of ours and the taxi was already parked in the venue and we were allowed to use it for our purposes. So the challenge was to combine those components, create something nice to watch, something that fits with the music. In the end it all worked out!

More Details When two long-time friends, with totally opposite music tastes and backgrounds, decide making music together, the result can only be electric, exploding and absolutely contradictory. JUNKSISTA is the burning sonic firework resulting from the clash of the two strong personalities of sexy provocative and electro-addict Diana and highly skilled guitarist and studio guru Boog.

Hailing from Southern Germany, the duo offers a fresh mix of catchy electro tunes, sexually explicit lyrics, sensual half-sung half-spoken female vocals, funky guitar riffs and tons of bass and synthesizer filled grooves. JUNKSISTA stands for catchy electro-cunt-rock. Like an electronic power punch to the gut.

From the spanking industrial beats of dark fetish clubs to the distorted synths of an angst-filled orgy of sweatily dancing bodies, JUNKSISTA know no limits. They explore all forms of musics ranging from good old Garbage to 80′s dance through laidback electro; while they can as well spit their dirty silly lyrics onto explosive dance anthems with a gritty bass edge or other lighter electronic pop songs.
Experienced producer and accomplished guitar player, Boog brings that magic modern touch to Diana’s artistic skills, natural craziness and slutty vocals that make you irresistibly shake your ass on JUNKSISTA’s tunes. Do not even try to resist to such tempting underground music you can dance and laugh to.

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