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Kapital A. – Doe Rae Mi

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This is Kapital A.'s latest hip hop visual piece Doe Rae Mi . This is what Kapital A. had to say when asked:

Where did you get your inspiration for this video?


More Details When you think of Hip Hop music, the ideology of the Dancehall boom is a natural blend in styles that should come to mind.

Rapping, dancing, talking, chanting, and rhyming lyrics on rhythmic tracks is a natural ingredient on any hip hop album set. The sounds of the old school songs by the likes of Nat King Cole, Jackie Wilson, The Drifters and Fats Domino coupled with modern day Dancehall sessions by the likes of Beenie Man, Movado, Sean Paul, Shaggy and Damian Marley infuse what is Kapital A and most notably, is what is laid down on his latest CD entitled, Why Not: Special Edition.

The full length 20 song album has extreme flair that dramatically grows the art and style combining both formats in its complexity. Rather than raps and shouts, the melody and color are what make up this great set being released this week at Don Lichterman's Sunset Urban label. Kapital A's music ingrains that colorful flair in those melodies in every song all the way through the entire CD which is set underneath the red-hot lyrics.

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