Let Go – Nya


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Check out Nya's latest Rnb video Let Go. You can find further details of Nya's music and video below:

"The creation of the mania EP has been quite the journey. I am so thankful for what this process has taught me. This EP is all about the mania of growing up. It’s about falling on your face and getting back up again every single day. These songs are in many ways very different from each other, but they all tackle the craziness of youth from realizing that guy/girl you liked is ghosting you, to struggling with the pressures of family life. Music has touched my life so profoundly. It is my solace during the hard times. My wish for this EP is to be there for someone else in the same way. I wanted to create something that connected people. Too often the human condition divides us, when it’s the one thing we all have in common. For anyone who gets to read this and listen, thank you. I am so grateful to be able to share this piece of me."

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