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Mitchell Bailey – Classroom

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This is Mitchell Bailey's brand new hip hop music video Classroom. This is what Mitchell Bailey had to say when asked:

How much preparation went into making this video and why?

"Me and my friend/music video director were up all night the night before the shoot coming up with all the shot ideas and scenes for the video over the phone, then woke up bright and early to begin shooting around 9AM. We have connections at the local theatre in my hometown so it was cool that we got to shoot there on the stage for the intro to the video, then we took it to the boardwalk for some performance shots and then we went to go shoot the interlude/acting scene in at the studio where I record at, along with getting some performance shots there. Then just as the sun was setting we took the video to the top of the Cambridge Suites hotel rooftop to shoot some spectacular performance shots with the city and the sunset in the background. Then we went into my homie's photography studio and shot a bunch of cool backdrop shots. After all the shooting was done, we ended up being up all night editing the video to perfection. Then the next week, I dropped it on to my youtube channel! In just about a months time its attracted 10,000 views and is making some noise, the hard work is definitely paying off!

More Details The music video was directed/shot by 16-year old Brendan Lyle of Moose Media, a company which is a part of Buds Entertainment, which I am the CEO of. Brendan has connections with Tyler Ross & the ODOD crew, who are currently down in LA shooting videos for artists such as Tory Lanez and many more, who've also shot Riff Raff, Pusha T and A$AP Ferg. Brendan's also filmed for Bone Thugs N Harmony, Aerosmith, Slash, and many local acts. We're just some young kids on the come up out here on the East Coast of Canada so it'd be super cool for you guys to show some support! Thank you! #BudSquad

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