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MUSCULUS – Shake Your Moneymaker

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Have a quick look at MUSCULUS's latest rock music visual Shake Your Moneymaker. Here's how MUSCULUS responded when we asked:

Where did you get your inspiration for this video?

"Keith (our singer) clearly has some issues that go way back; the whole song is about his secret desire to become a transgender stripper.

I guess we're all equally as bad for going along with it.... "

More Details MUSCULUS crash-landed in Helsinki, Finland in 2012, screaming uncontrollably and riding flaming unicorns on a rainbow of riffs from a planet far, far away... A ménage-á-cinq of bastard love-children, orphaned after a 1980s drag queen fuck fest involving Dolly Parton, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and an experimental prototype for Viagra, the band churns out testosterone-fuelled heavy psychedelic anthems to violently bang your head and get naked to.

Our debut studio EP entitled SIX PACK came out in November 2015 as an independent release. Side A is heavy/doomy/stonery/psychy/groovy metal and Side B brings full-force power ROCK anthems!

It is available for you to stream at

More info and (mostly nude) pictures of us nice and sweaty can be found at our Facebook page:

If you have a strong stomach you may also want to check out our last Music Video for 'Scorned.' here:

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