Phono Emergency Tool – Floating So Fast


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Have a look at Phono Emergency Tool's fresh new alternative music video Floating So Fast. Here's what Phono Emergency Tool had to say when we asked:

How much preparation went into making this video and why?

"it took about 1 week 5 or 6 hours a day for the editing and animations, the idea is "give to the audience the feeling to be anxious of the extreme speed of life""

More Details
The italian alt-rock band PHONO EMERGENCY TOOL has released a new video of the song “Floating So Fast”, extracted from the album "Get the pet" (2014 Red Cat/Audioglobe).

Video Credits:
Produced by Phono Emergency Tool
Directed by Sandro Sgarzi and Phono Emergency Tool
Editing and Animation: Sandro Sgarzi
Camera operator: Sandro Sgarzi
Post-production: Marco Lama

Label and press: Red Cat Promotion -

Phono Emergency Tool is:
Andrea Sgarzi: guitar and vocal
Sandro Sgarzi: bass and vocal
Marco Lama: drums

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