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The Press Gang – Bringing Hell

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Directly above is The Press Gang's brand new rock music visual Bringing Hell. This is what they had to say when we asked:

How did you come up with the idea for this video?

"I told the boys we have to make a video, and it could anything. Like with Sock Puppets,...they all laughed at me. So I one upped them, studied an online tutorial for about two weeks straight, and made Muppets of all the band members. It was meant to go viral. There's only so many hours to a day though,..and I can only promote the band so much. By all means.,,if you enjoy this and all the detail and fun it went into making it,,share with the world!!!"

More Details It took about a month to make the Muppets,..and the small drum kit was made from two small children's set's,,stripped down and painted to look like the real life drum kit. We never had as many laughs as when we shot this.

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