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The Quitters – Hipster

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Check out The Quitters's latest rock music visual Hipster. Here's what The Quitters had to say when asked:

Where did you get your inspiration for this video?

"The Quitters say that "Hipster" practically wrote itself.

"Our drummer Micah wrote the song to poke fun at our generation's culture, which we also contribute to with our use of smart phones and questionable fashion sense.

Having your head buried in a phone can take you out of the social interaction that is missing in so many public places like concerts and bars these days. Furthermore, the fashion of being a Hipster is so subjective that anyone can be a Hipster, but nobody will admit to it.

"Hipster" is a departure musically from what we normally play, but it still represents our core band philosophy, which is to just have fun playing and don't take anything to seriously, especially yourself! Everyone feels at one point like they might not belong. However there is a community for everyone. Just go for a walk downtown and see what you'll find! "

More Details
Produced by Square Shooting
Ryan Reason - Director
Zack Barbee - Cinematographer
Tommy Natali - Cinematographer
Jennifer Burkart - Cinematographer
Jeremy Ornelas - Editor

Shot in Downtown Las Vegas with support from these locally owned and operated businesses:

Art Square -
Creation Forge Studios -
Enchanted Florist -
Gypsy Caravan Antiques - 1214 S 3rd Street
Hi-Rollers Barbershop - 1120 S Maryland Parkway
Las Vegas Camera Club -
The Red Kat Vintage - 1131 South Main Street
Shotgun Twins Productions -
Velveteen Rabbit - 1218 S Main Street

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