Sarantos – Surgery (Official Music Video)


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Directly above is Sarantos's latest rock music video Surgery. You can find further details of Sarantos's music and video below:

"Sarantos Releases New Rock Music Video For "Surgery" Aiming To Promote Awareness For Cancer Surgery.

Sarantos recently underwent surgery. Sarantos underwent an upper endoscopy which found an esophageal stricture and chronic eosinophilic esophagitis (allergic reaction). The opening had closed down to about the size of a straw! No wonder Sarantos was having difficulty for the last four years with eating and intense chest pain. Thankfully, all is better now.

This music video shows the personal ordeal any patient goes thru when they undergo any type of surgery, whether it is for cancer surgery, something benign, a simple mole or childbirth. Almost everyone will have surgery at some point. Modern medicine has come a long way but surgery is still surgery. The complex video has several subliminal messages throughout and subtle clues on the mystery that is Sarantos. Who is Sarantos? What does he do for a living? What do fans know about his personal life? Sarantos continues a never-ending journey and with each song and music video reveals something personal about himself. They are like pieces to a puzzle that fans are piecing together every month.

"This is a rock music video about me having surgery," says Sarantos. "There is a sense of anxiety and frustration as he is put in a helpless situation. He is used to being in control but must now accept his fate. He must put his life in the hands of someone else which is both humbling and terrifying. I thought it would also be fun to put some clues and subtle hints in the music video that might one day mean something significant to the diehard fan! My journey continues.""

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