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Sarantos – You (just) Don’t Have It

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Take a quick peak at Sarantos's fresh new electronic music video You (just) Don't Have It. You can find further details of Sarantos's music and video below:

"Halloween often means a night to pretend you are someone else. Halloween can be a wonderful escape from reality. Who doesn't love to impersonate and mislead once in a while? Masks allow one to be something they are not. Even Batman uses one!

In today's world, teens and adults have a hard enough time trying to find their place in the world. Being true to oneself isn't always encouraged at work, in love, in the media or sadly even in the real world. Perfection is not attainable yet it is a common illusion on full display in movies, TV shows and most media outlets. As this song lightheartedly points out though, perfection is not what everyone wants or desires. Why should they? The real world is full of imperfections and they are something all of us should accept and embrace. Being human means being imperfect.

This latest pop music video mirrors the playful nature of the song. No matter how much that perfect stuck-up rich girl wants Sarantos, she just doesn't have what he really wants. The video then describes what Sarantos truly desires - a humble human, playful, not lazy, sweet and nice, with passionate eyes... Money and looks aren't really important and in today's world, that message is like a breath of fresh air, isn't it??

"This is a fun video about a hot rich girl who's used to getting what she always wants" says Sarantos. "But for me, she just doesn't have it. She doesn't have what my soul desires. She's not sweet and nice, or humble and innocent. Today's world is super busy and fast paced but every movie and TV show is full of perfect people acting perfectly and it's such a poor reflection of the real world. Love is a magical moment in time and is different for everyone. There is no script. There are no rules. There's nothing wrong with love that's not perfect because love never is!"

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