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Shane Scheib – Roller Coaster Night (Radio Version)

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Have a look at Shane Scheib's most recent alternative music video Roller Coaster Night (Radio Version). This is what Shane Scheib had to say when asked:

Where did you get your inspiration for this video?

"Celebrating my 10 year "Nash-iversary" I decided to mark a decade in Music City with a brand new Music Video. For the most part it follows the storyline of the song lyrics, in fact my producer and I would talk about how we would do a video for the song while we were still writing it. The producer/co-writer of the song is Ryan Mohr, he also plays the groom (and his wife of 10 years is the bride) in the video. He showed up to filming the first day with his motorcycle and was like "I have an idea how to incorporate this" and I think it was perfect!"

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