Shaudy Prince – Like Monopoly


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Have a look at Shaudy Prince's latest underground music video Like Monopoly. Here's what Shaudy Prince had to say when asked:

How did you come up with the idea for this video?

"Well what is a video titled "Like Monopoly" without incorporating the actual board game right?! So you know that had to be the FIRST thing I grabbed! Once that was added to the visual I pretty much had to work with what I had and the resources around me which is what most of what Augusta, Georgia (Shouts out to my city!) consists of which is A LOT of abandoned property. Lets not forget a few real estate offices & for sale signs to give it that big boss feel because I am a business man at the end of the day I wanted to balance the money flashing with a meaningful message visually not just with my lyrics."

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