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Have a look at SHO ZOE 's latest hip hop video KEEP LOOKING . This is what SHO ZOE had to say when asked:

How did you come up with the idea for this video?

"I wanted to make a record for haters along with a new saying "keep looking" so I produced a catchy beat and came up with a catchy hook, and its been uphill ever since. The single will be hitting iTunes next month August 1st."

More Details
My album Love & War will be in stores this winter.
Hailing from the city that gets its name from promoters of the area claiming that the bay was better than the bay in Naples, Italy, with its mild, sunny weather, and plentiful amounts of fish and game. Naples, Florida not only produced great weather, but It also produced one of the most versatile artist the music industry has seen in years. Seldom do we get a chance to measure an artists growth in this industry. But fans have been able to do just that with Sho Zoe.

The artist is now embarking on a whole new image and sound. This new voyage in this music veteran's career will prove to be his most challenging yet as he steps into the engineering room as a producer and artist. With a smoother sound, Sho is ready to make his mark in the music world. With the new movement gaining momentum, Sho seems to have been preparing for this role as an entrepreneur all his life. From learning to play the piano in his early childhood years, to spending the past few years dominating the Florida music scene.

As Sho Zoe settles into his new titles.Stay tuned because progress has never sounded better.

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