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Check out SORRY LITTLE SHARKY's latest alternative video THE ILLUSION. You can find further details of SORRY LITTLE SHARKY's music and video below:

"I did this video for a national talent contest hosted by a current employer, the video needed to include an intro to who I was and then a demonstration of said talent. I decided to feature such skills of mine as the piano, drums, voice, lyrics, arrangement, cinematography/editing, and stand-up comedy. I had 2 days to shoot the film, come up with a story, and put it all together before the deadline. This captured generally that sense of despair I feel but how I love to laugh at life and not take it too seriously----tying everything up in the optimistic message that maybe there's not as much finality to things as we think there are. 'Life moves on....move with it' is the message. Thanks for watching! ----Stef at Sorry Little


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