Veronica Cooper – Listerine


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Directly above is Veronica Cooper's brand new trap music visual Listerine. This is what Veronica Cooper had to say when we asked:

How much preparation went into making this video and why?

"The making of this music video was so complicated it was simple. Let me better explain. For 2 weeks we planned out the Story, Locations, Extras, and Travel Plans. The day before the shoot the Location somehow overbooked so we searched for a Emergency Location. The day of the shoot None of the extras Showed up...except 1. Apparently another Major Artist (A-list) was shooting a video down the road. So my director just started filming and somehow he still made it happen on the fly. "

More Details Veronica Cooper's 4th Single off her 1st Double EP "I Got Good News, I Got Bad News" Dropping in March.


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