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The Power of Words – Do words such as ‘nigga’ or ‘Bitches’ really still hold the power they use to?

The Power of Words The use of profanity has been a part of the Hip-Hop scene since its beginning. The free use of such language has set rappers apart from artists of different genres as well as kept them in the news. The music scene today has seen a huge increase of artists express themselves… Read more »

Breakfast of Champions – Showcasing the next big London sounds and music talent of 2013

Breakfast of Champions – Sounds of 2013 Breakfast of Champions promised to showcase the best the underground scene had to offer and it did not disappoint. If the line up of this event is anything to go by, 2013 will be a great year for the British music scene. Located a stone’s throw away from… Read more »

Independent Vs Signed (Part 2) – Interview with KenKodie “The hardest thing I would say is self-promotion and getting your music out… “

To be or not to be: Independent Vs Signed (Part 2) – Interview with KenKodie I recently did an interview with KenKodie a London based rapper, singer and producer who has had a good buzz in the UK underground scene for the past year. He has featured on songs with some grime heavy weights and… Read more »

To be or not to be: Independent Vs Signed – How successful will I be as an unsigned artist?

To be or not to be: Independent Vs Signed (part 1) The topic of whether or not a talented independent artist should sign to a major label is always a contentious issue. So imagine my shock when I found out one of my favourite inde artists’, Dom Kennedy is allegedly getting signed to MMG and… Read more »

Silence Is Golden – Why do they censor our music?

Silence Is Golden Music is often considered as the highest form of expression, with this in mind it is fair to argue that the censorship of music contradicts this worldwide view of the importance of music. Censorship in our favourite forms of entertainment has been synonymous in things such as TV programmes and films. So… Read more »